The Goldern Horde was the section of Mongol or Tartar Tribes that descended from Ghengis Khan and destroyed Kievan Russian by 1240 with the sack of Kiev. Russian princes were first destroyed, then cooperated with the Golden Horde with the princes of Muscovy gaining prominence by becoming their chief tax collecters, then defeated them under Dmitri Donskoi and 1380 and Ivan the Great overthrew them in 1480. They set up there capital in Sarai (see E. Goncharev "Old and New Sarai" translated below) and issued coins with Arabic inscritption and Mongol Tamghas or monograms.
Baraka, AE fals, fine, tamgha Defender of Peace and Faith , 1257-1267
rev. Qrim mint  LebM1b, 18mm
Tuda Mangu, AE fals, fine-clipped, tamgha 682, Minted Qrim , 1280-1290
rev.4 squares with Ys 48-one yarmak  LebM7, 24mm
Toqtu, AR dinar, fine, inscription, 1290-1312
  rev. inscription, A2023 (Khwarezm), 17mm
Toqtu, AE fals, fine, 3 ovals, 1290-1312
  rev. stick man, L61 a-d (Krim), 18mm
Mohammed Uzbek, AR dirhem, fine, inscription, 1312-1341
   rev. inscription, A2025 (Krim), 17mm
Jani Beg, AR dirhem, afine, inscription, 1341-1357
   rev. inscription, A2027, M1523 (New Serai), 17mm
Jani Beg, AR, fine, Uighur inscription,1341-1357
 rev. inscription, Sarai al Jedid 743, 17mm
Jani Beg Khan, AE fals, fine, Flower design,1341-1357      
  rev. Arabic, M1529 (Serai), 19mm
Jani Beg Khan, AE fals, fine, Flower design,1341-1357      
  rev. Arabic 753=1342/3, L31e1 (Serai al-Jedid), 19mm
Birdi Beg, AR dinar, fine, Inscription 1357-1358
  rev. Inscription, 1358, Gulistan, A2031, 17mm
Nuruz Beg, AR, Inscription, 1358-1359
 rev. Inscription, Gulistan 761, 17mm
Khizr Khan, AE fals, fine, Arabic & design, 1358-1360
  rev. Arabic (Gulistan), 19mm
Kildii Beg Khan, AE fals, fine, Arabic in wreath, 1360
 rev. Arabic in circle (Azaq), 19mm
Mir Pulad, AE fals, afine, Design of triangles and dots, Inscription, 1362-1363
 rev. Inscription, AH 764 (Serai al-Jedid), 18mm
Tulan Beg Khan, AE fals, fine,  Stick man, 1370-1373
 rev. Arabic, L23, 19mm
Urus, AR dirham, fine, Inscription, 1368-1378
 rev. Inscription, A2047 (Sighnaq), 17mm
Muhammad Bulaq, AR dirham, fine, Inscription, 4 vinnetes, 1369-1380
  rev. Inscription, A2046 (Urdu), 17mm
Toqtamish, AR dinar, fine, script in wreath, 1376-1395
  rev. script, A2048, (Beled Krim) 17mm
Toqtamish Khan, AE fals, fine, floral pattern, 1376-1395
 rev. inscription 19mm
Toqtamish Khan, AE fals, fine, Star design,1376-1395
 rev. Arabic (Serai),19mm
Toqtamish, AE fals, fine, misdate 872, Floral pattern,1376-1395
 rev. Arabic Inscription, (Al-Jadiya), 18mm
Shadi Beg, AR dirham, vgood, Tamgha, 1401-1407
  rev. Inscription, AH 807, A2053, (Kaffa Jedid), 16mm
Pulad, AR dinar, fine, script, 1407-1413
  rev. script, A2055, (Bulghar), 13mm
Ulugh Muhammad, AR dirham, vgood, Tamgha, 1418-1446
  rev. Inscription, A2058, (Kazan), 15mm
Ulugh Muhammad, AR asper, fine, Tamgha 1418-1446
rev.FilippoMariaVisconti,Duke Milan,Genoa(1421-1435)DV*.MED.D.CAFA,Castle (Kaffa), 17mm

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