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Crimean or Giray Khanate (Tartars)
The Crimean Khanate rose on the remains of the Golden Horde and controlled much of the Crimea from1441-1783 as vassals of the Golden Horde, then the Ottoman Empire (1475), and then the Russian Empire (1783). They were nominally independent state of the Crimean Tatar people. founded by Haji Giray in 1441. The khanate included the Crimean peninsula (except the South and South-West seashore) and the plains of modern Southern Ukraine, and possessed lands in Circassia in Northern Caucasus at its greatest extent.  

The Crimea colony of the Genoese in Kaffa is famously the proximate source for Europe of the Black Death, as Genghis Khans lieutenants hurled plagued ridden bodies into the city during the seige of Kaffa and the defeated returned to Italy with the plague.
Hajji Giray, AR akce, afine, Tamgha, 1418-1466
   rev. Inscription, AH867,  Qrim, A2068, 15mm
Mengli Giray 1493, AR akce, afine, Tamgha, 1466-1514
   rev. Inscription, 888,  Qiriq Yer, A2070, 14mm
Mengli Giray 1493, AR akce, vgood, Tamgha, 1466-1514
   rev. Inscription, 13mm
Muhammad I Giray, AR akce, fine, Inscription and tamgha, 1514-1525
  rev.  Inscription, A2071, 14mm
Dawlat II Giray, Billon akce, afine, Tamgha, AH 957,1550-1577
  rev. Inscription, A2074, 13mm (Krim)
Muhammad II, AR akce, vgood, Inscription and tamgha, 1577-1584
  rev.  Inscription, A2075,
Ghasi Giray, AR akce, fine, Inscription, 1585-1608
  rev.  Inscription, A2077
Salamat I Giray, AR akce, vgood, Inscription, 1608-1610
  rev.  Inscription, A2078
Muhammad IV Giray, AR para, fine, Inscription and tamgha, 1641-1644
  rev.  Inscription  (1st reign)
Murad Giray, AR para, fine, Inscription and tamgha, 1678-1683
  rev.  Inscription, A2086
Selim I, AR para, fine, Inscription, 1684-1691
  rev.  Inscription, A2087 (2nd reign)
Ghazi III Giray, AE pul, vgood, Inscription, 1704-1708
  rev.  Inscription
Dawlat II Giray, AR para, fine, Inscription and tamgha, 1708-1713
  rev.  Inscription, A2093 (2nd reign)
Saadat III Giray, AR para, fine, Inscription, 1717-1724
  rev.  Inscription, A2095
Mengli Giray II, AR akce, afine, Inscription, 1724-1730
  rev. Tamgha, Retowski,pl.XIII,25-27 (Bagchih-Serai)
Halim Giray, AR para, fine-holed, Inscription, 1740-1743
  rev.  Inscription, A2099
Selim II Giray, AR para, fine, Inscription, 1743-1748
  rev.  Inscription, A2071
Arslan, AR para, vgood, Inscription, 1748-1756
  rev.  Inscription, A2100 (1st reign)  
Halim Giray, AR para, good, Inscription, 1756-1758
  rev.  Inscription, A2102
Qrim Giray AR akce, vgood, inscription, 1758-1764    
   rev. inscription, A2130
Dawlat IV, AR para, vgood, Inscription, 1769-1770
  rev.  Inscription, A2170 (1st reign)
Qaplan II Giray, Billon para, afine, inscription,1770-1771
   rev. Inscription, A2108 (Bagchich-Serai)
Sahib Giray II, AR para, vgood, Inscription, 1772-1775
  rev.  Inscription, A2109, KM#10        
Shahin Giray bin Ahmad Giray, Billion para, vgood-hole, inscription, 1777-1783
  rev. inscription, KM#14